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Super Matters Issue 27-2020
  • Factors to take into consideration for your super
  • Investing in property through SMSFs
  • Super for self-employed individuals
Super Matters Issue 26-2020
  • What is the sole purpose test?
  • Salary sacrificing for your super
  • Cryptocurrencies for your SMSF: risks and benefits
Super Matters Issue 25-2020
  • What happens if your SMSF becomes non-compliant?
  • Transferring a business property into your SMSF
  • What to consider before topping up or starting a new pension
Super Matters Issue 24-2020
  • You can now opt-out of SG as a high income earner
  • Contribution changes for older Australians
  • PYS and hiking administration fees
Super Matters Issue 23-2019
  • Consequences of late SMSF annual returns
  • Who is ‘related party’ in an SMSF?
  • Proactive consolidation with ILBAs
Super Matters Issue 22-2019
  • Succession planning for your SMSF
  • Areas of super under development
  • Illegal early release of super on ATO watch-list
Super Matters Issue 21-2019
  • How the ‘Protecting Your Superannuation’ laws will affect you
  • Super changes to protect employees’ entitlements
  • What disqualifies you as a Trustee
Super Matters Issue 20-2019
  • High-risk SMSF areas being monitored by the ATO
  • SMSF trustee investment strategy checklist
  • Super contributions splitting
Super Matters Issue 19-2019
  • A guide to binding death benefit nominations
  • Benefits and risks of crypto currencies for your SMSF
  • ATO reviews diverting PSI to SMSFs
Super Matters Issue 18-2019
  • Your super and divorce
  • ATO issues SBSCH reminder
  • Acquiring assets legally in a SMSF
Year End Strategies 2020
  • Major changes to instant assets write-off
  • 2020 end of financial year checklist
  • Rent relief for commercial tenants
  • Tax tips for property investors
  • And more
Year End Strategies 2019
  • Essential record keeping at year-end
  • Tax tips for property investors
  • 2019 end of financial year checklist
  • Getting PAYG withholding right
  • And more
End Of Year Update 2020
  • COVID Safe Christmas parties
  • FBT and gift for employees
  • Creating a budget for the new year
  • Reasons to change business structure
  • and more
End of Year Update 2019
  • Securing your business over the break
  • Hiring working holidays makers
  • Holiday travel and estate planning
  • Don’t burn out before the holidays
  • And more

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